Search Engine Gurus

 “Bing just can’t compete because the word Google has joined words like Coke, Kleenex and Trojan!”  – Dewey Davis-Thompson in the St. Petersburg Times

What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization
, and it basically means making sure your site shows up in searches on Google, Bing, DogPile and other search engines. An art and science, SEO is easy when you know how!

Do I need Pay-per-Click?
you need more attention than casual searches will provide. Pay-per-click improves your visibility when absolutely necessary.

How many search engines?
There are hundreds
 of search sites that have a significant user base. The top 20 are especially important.

Be the #1 Web Site!
Be the best site in your specialty and you will naturally do well in the search engines. There is no substitute for having the information people really want.  Demonstrate your expertise and attention to the latest details and provide useful content for your customers and they are sure to find you.

Our SEO Services

We examine your current web site and suggest ways to make it work better.

Key Word Research
What are people actually typing into the search engines?  We’ll find out!

Meta Tags
Precise meta tags are important – but not enough on their own if you want to be #1.

The O in SEO, optimizing means editing  content to be search engine friendly.

Link Exchanges
We can help you get linked to related web sites.