Do you design web sites?
Yes! We design, program, host and manage web sites for people requiring professional web services and a reasonable monthly fee.

Do you do updates?
Our clients enjoy speedy updates and precise tech support.  We worry about your web site, so you don’t have to!

What about hosting?
Free!  Hosting is free with all of our service plans. Do you need one hour of updates per month, or four? It’s up to you!


What’s the process?
First we talk and agree on a project that meets your goals and budget.  Next we create a prototype while you get your content ready. (We can help with that!)  Finally we populate, test and launch your new web project!

How much does it cost?
This varies with the project. You can expect to pay more for a complicated site with a  logo,  custom graphic design, dynamic HTML, databases, video and/or credit card processing.

Do I own my web site?
Absolutely! The final web site is yours to keep, as it the domain name. We provide a full backup any time you wish.

We’ll Work With You!
In addition to web site design and programming, we specialize in helping people to use the internet. With software like WordPress you can make quick edits to your own site and leave the heavy lifting to us! You can do as much or as little as you wish.

Can I do a video?
Don’t be shy! It’s a fact that a simple video keeps visitors on the page longer, and increase click through.  Voice-overs work too!

Will you come to me?
Yes! Our video partners can set up a green screen at your desk or even do location shoot at sea.

How much does it cost?
Video production is bid for each project.  It can be a blockbuster or a slideshow, according to your budget.

“What could be better than appearing
in person on your web site?”
– Haris Lender, Yogi

Green Screen
Nothing is more compelling than a personal video message.  With a green screen we can put you on the web like never before.

Walk right out onto the screen  in front of your web content and address your customers  ”face-to-face!”  Or share your video in a player with a custom background and special graphic effects.

Web Videos & Podcasting
It’s easy to post to social media sites and add video to your own web site.

With a built in webcam you can make a quick impact!

Streaming Media
Add a live broadcast of your video or audio feed.  Web cams make it easy to show live video of locations and events, to provide news and weather services and to share entertainment and documentary videos.

What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization
, and it basically means making sure your site shows up in searches on Google, Bing, DogPile and other search engines. An art and science, SEO is easy when you know how!

Do I need Pay-per-Click?
you need more attention than casual searches will provide. Pay-per-click improves your visibility when absolutely necessary.

How many search engines?
There are hundreds
of search sites that have a significant user base. The top 20 are especially important.

“Google is like Coke, Kleenex and Trojan!”
– Dewey Davis-Thompson
in the St. Petersburg Times

Be the #1 Web Site!
Be the best site in your specialty and you will naturally do well in the search engines. There is no substitute for having the information people really want.  Demonstrate your expertise and attention to the latest details and provide useful content for your customers and they are sure to find you.

Our SEO Services

We examine your current web site and suggest ways to make it work better.

Key Word Research
What are people actually typing into the search engines?  We’ll find out!

Meta Tags
Precise meta tags are important – but not enough on their own if you want to be #1.

The O in SEO, optimizing means editing  content to be search engine friendly.

Link Exchanges
We can help you get linked to related web sites.

What is blogging?
Sharing your thoughts
is easy for most people, and that’s all there is to blogging! Share your ideas daily or monthly to show your expertise.

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication
is a great way to push your news out over the web and to present news from outside sources on your site.

Do I need an Ap?
Specialized programs (Aps) for iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and others may be a great tool … or a costly effort. But a good web site works well across all platforms to get the job done.

Can I cross-post?

Yes!  You can post to your blog, Facebook and Twitter all at once.

For Mobile Phones and Pads

More people access the web with smart phones than any other way, says one report. So you want to be sure your web site is friendly to all sorts of browser programs and platforms.  Using the latest HTML-5 and cascading style sheets, your content will be customized for the environment in which it is being delivered.

Popular Social Media

FaceBook – Set up a business page and manage your posts
Constant Contact – Manage email lists and send newsletters
YouTube – Set up your own video channel.
Linked In – Participate in  business networking
Twitter – Send your followers the latest buzz in 140 characters!
WordPress – Keep a blog with news, photos and important facts.
Flickr – Share photos and find images on the web.

Helping People Online Since 1991, Dewey Davis-Thompson’s company Computer Tutors became Internet Adept in 1996 with projects for the Tampa Housing Authority,  Visitor and Convention Center, WMNF  Radio, WorkForce Tampa, Weekly Planet, Princess Diana’s gowns and hundreds of projects in cyberspace.
Today we offer superb service to people who require a professionally managed web presence.

What We Do

Consulting and Training
The most successful web sites have well-informed owners who are involved in the project. We can help you to understand and “master the magic” of the internet.

Web Site Design
Have it your way with a web site that compliments your logo or product and makes a call to action! Our graphic design, video and copy pros can help.

Web Site Programming
Make your site a dynamic sales tool and manage your business in ways you never imagined with our amazing database programmers.

Hosting and Updates
Enjoy free hosting with any service plan and accrue up to four hours to use when you need them!

Project Management
Let us help you imagine, design, program and oversee your web project and keep it at the top in the search engines and buzzing with social media.

Tampa Bay’s Original Web Expert, Since 1991

Internet Adept gives you the ability to produce professional Web video and Internet projects like these.

Green Screen Video Walk On Flash animation and video
Public Service Videos Promotional Web Videos

“Creative heights! Technical precision! Song and dance! And that’s just our Web site.” — Todd Olson, American Stage

Click here to view site

American Stage Theater is Tampa Bay’s leading professional company, and came to Internet Adept looking for a complete redesign and assistance with updates and management.A phenomenal new site design incorporates architectural drawings of the new building with Flash animation and audio and video clips from the current season, along with online ticketing, general information, private board member access, and secure order forms for donations, summer camp and other activities. Frequent and nearly-instantaneous updates are required and Internet Adept works with the marketing and development departments to oversee and accomplish these tasks.

“Perfectly beautiful and, of course, top of the list. Our site goes bling!” — Terry Hagstrom, Carter’s Florist & Gifts

Click here to view site

For over 50 years, Carter’s Florist has been recognized for exquisite arrangements and superior service. Their site had to stand out among the competition and provide an excellent shopping experience.

A custom Web browser was incorporated into the design, along with a video and an extensive bridal questionnaire. Unique products are easily added to the site, and online orders are automatically fed to the in-house software. Email and search engine marketing plans by Internet Adept have also enhanced the project, and today more than 50 percent of Carter’s Florist orders are placed online.

“We’re proud of our achievements…and our Web site!”
— Chris Knopic, Knopic Deskins Law Group

Click here to view site

Talented and successful, KMD Legal is a serious firm with a professional image – but they also like to be a bit different. Their Web project includes a video walk-on with all three principals, filmed on location in their office with a portable green screen. Search engine optimization and more frequent updates have also enhanced the usefulness of their site.

“A beautiful thing, fresh and delightful. My site looks great and is back on top!” — Susan Guidi, Advanced Ultrasound 3D

Click here to view site

Sagging in search engine visibility and suffering an out-of-date site, Advanced Ultrasound 3D needed a professional to look under the hood.

A custom redesign with gorgeus photographs and additional copy help to reestablish Susan Guidi’s credentials as an ultrasound pioneer and helping propel her back to the top of the search results.

“It’s easy to see what’s CliC-ing with our patented glasses and our snappy Web site.” — David Knowlton, Impulse CliCs

Click here to view site

Impluse CliCs required a bright, professional site and an affordable e-commerce solution that allows for maximum owner-operator participation. With open source software, the owner is able to add or edit products, manage and communicate with customers, track orders and make secure online transactions.

Flash animation, embedded video and a photo gallery feature the unique CliCs eyewear products, and search engine optimization keeps Impulse CliCs at the top of the results.

“Making a world of difference, step by step. Our Web needs evolve, and Internet Adept facilitates change!”
— Roberta Fernandez, Planet Partnership

Click here to view site

Planet Partnership hired Internet Adept to help plan, design and implement an extensive Internet business, including video production, database programming, online training and extensive site design and revisions. As the company grows and evolves, new features and graphic expressions are incorporated and upgraded, while others have been discarded. Internet Adept has provided guidance, trouble shooting, programming, production, and technical support throughout the continuing development process.

“WMNF will always be grateful to Dewey for his generous gift to WMNF 88.5 FM community radio, our online broadcast.” — Vicki Santa, Former Station Manager

“Dewey helped me get my business to the top of the Google Local Listings very quickly!” — Carol Shannon, 2 Paws Up Grooming