“Internet Adept is a godsend! The dedication they have given to our website has been beyond helpful and professional. The new home page design is wonderful, constantly updated and fresh, even on weekends!

Internet Adept really went the extra mile to integrate our online ticket and subscription sales, which has paid huge dividends for our theatre!Combined with their professional and courteous customer service, there is no other company that I would trust with our online presence.”

Andy Orrell, Marketing Director
American Stage Theater Company


This website was designed to have an aesthetic that always matched the posters for the show on stage.

Initial Inspiration

For years American Stage had a tiny theater in a strange building, so when they built a new theater we used the architectural drawings to make a backdrop for the season’s posters.  Once built, a photo of the building became our new backdrop.  Eventually this morphed into a new design that featured the poster art for each show as the background for the home page.  Always fresh and pertinent, and unique – just like American Stage


On Sundays after the last matinee show closed, Internet Adept updated the styles and supporting graphics for a fresh, new look perfectly matching the other promotional materials for the next show!


Since it’s inception in 2006 the Sustany Foundation has grown considerably, and what started out as a simple informative web site became a series of complicated and unique web projects.   The Internet Adept has helped in each step of the way, creating custom forms for green business applications and specialty sites for programs like the Sustainable Business Program of the City of Tampa.



Dewey has been my webmaster since 2006 when I first started selling CliC Readers. I live in Montreal, Canada and could have hired someone else in my own city over the years, but I have continued to stay with him because he is just the best!
I thoroughly enjoy dealing with him. He is experienced, knowledgeable, bright, amusing, and quick to respond to my needs, a highly important asset when you need something done on your website!
I love my website and get lots of positive comments on it from my customers.

Thank you Dewey for the great business relationship and friendship we have built!
Wendy Barber
Montreal, Canada

14connectionCombining aesthetics and functionality, the new web site for The Connection Partners incorporated original photography to illustrate the concept of connections while organizing and presenting multitudinous links to the many resources made available by The Connection Partners.


Collman & Karsky Architects have been an establishment in West Florida for over 50 years and have grown to design and manage buildings across the country.   Since 1997 when they first ventured out on the web The Internet Adept was there to help create a unique, artistic design that also helped them to share blueprints with clients over the web – long before Dropbox  or any other off-the-shelf tools.   Many things have changed in the two decades since the web emerged, but The Internet Adept is still helping Collman & Karsky to keep up with the technologies and the times.


“My updated web site looks phenominal.  I am very, very pleased!

When Internet Adept updated our site to be in compliance with the latest coding standards – and to make ordering easy on cell phones – I was delighted to find several unexpected enhancements.

I love, love, love what they did to the contact page. It looks sharp! The submenu is great. I like the cleanliness and uniformity. And I love the new jQuerycalendar in the order form.

Best of all, we reviewed the demo site on a conference call with GoToMeeting to make final changes all at once. What a fantastic way to do this!

For nearly a decade, Internet Adept has provided us with superb web site services. Internet Adept continues to stay abreast of the latest technology, security and marketing techniques, smoothly guiding us into WordPress, FaceBook and social media while keeping us number one in the search engines. Our (NEW) site goes bling!”

Terry Hasgstrom, Owner
Carter’s Florist & Productions


I have known Dewey for nearly 20 years, so Internet Adept was a natural place to turn when I launched my weather forecasting business and needed a professional website.

My project was challenging in several respects: I needed a logo, an attractive web site and a complex back-end to manage subscriptions for a pre-existing (and disorganized) database.  But I was not sure exactly what I needed, so the scope and details of the project evolved.

Throughout the project, Dewey was responsive and helpful.  Dewey coordinated every aspect, and effectively liaised between the specialized sub-contractors and me.

Each day I receive compliments on my website from both clients and prospective clients.  The website has not only helped grow my business but also handles back-office duties, freeing me to focus on serving clients.

Thanks Dewey!

Chris Parker, Chief Meteorologist
Marine Weather Center WMxC


The Internet Adept is a trusted web professional, able to handle the special needs and provide top-notch service for celebrity web sites like Derrick Brooks Charities and Warrick Dunn Family Foundation.  From green screen video to online auctions and special event ticket sales, our team can assure that your online image is always professional, up to date and exciting!


Literally the first radio station in Florida to broadcast on the web, WMNF Community Radio now has four online streams.  Here is an article from 1997 about how Internet Adept and the WMNF Board of Directors made that happen!

wmnf-240From the August 1, 1997 print edition
Tampa Bay Business Journal
WMNF now captures global audience
Arthur Frederick

Just a few months ago, public radio station WMNF-FM lost its state funding and didn’t know whether it would be able to remain on the air.

Now, thanks to a computer-savvy volunteer and a board of directors willing take a risk or two, the station can be heard around the world on the World Wide Web.

The station began bouncing its signal across the Internet in early July. And listeners have been checking in from some very unusual places, saying they have picked up the signal, which originates in Tampa.

The project started about a year and a half ago, when WMNF volunteer Dewey Davis-Thompson approached station manager Rich Eiswerth with an idea.

“Dewey had been helping the station put together a World Wide Web site, and he told me about the possibilities of cybercasting,” Eiswerth said. “We made a pitch to the board of directors, and asked for $10,000 to fund a one-year project.”

Not everybody was on board right away, but they voted in favor of the experiment anyway.

According to the station, all one needs to hook up to WMNF through the Internet is a computer, an online connection, and some free software called RealAudio.

We decided to try it out.

We found the RealAudio software by going to the WMNF Web site (http//wmnf.org) and clicking on the RealAudio link. We downloaded the software, rebooted, then went back to the WMNF Web site and hit the appropriate button.

At first, nothing happened.

Then, a minute or so later, a frog-like voice confirmed that we were tuned to 88.5, and then a minute or two after that we started to hear the WMNF afternoon jazz programming. The sound quality was pretty good, although the signal disappeared several times over the next few minutes, and then came back.

“It is balky at times,” said Eiswerth. “The signal depends on a number of connections that you are making, how many people are online and so forth.”

It may seem like a complicated way to listen to the radio, and if you live in the Bay Area you may as well just flick on the stereo. But if you live somewhere else, it is a great way to stay in touch with the Bay Area and with WMNF.

“We are very pleased with the response we have gotten so far from former listeners who have moved elsewhere, and from people who simply stumble across us,” Eiswerth said. “We have come across regular listeners in Sweden, Australia and the Balkan countries, and that is very exciting.”

After living just off donations for many years, WMNF finally started receiving a state subsidy last year. But the Legislature later cut off the state funding because of pressure from state Sen. John Grant, R-Tampa. Grant objected to some of the WMNF programming.

The station thought it might not survive, but an emergency on-air fund-raiser replaced the money the state took away.

Eiswerth said there is enough money in the bank to pay for a second year of Internet broadcasting.